Student Leadership

At Weelsby Academy we value our children’s ideas and feelings. As a school, we appreciate how much they want to move our school forward and their dedication in doing so. The pupils support the school by leading on areas that they feel passionate about. The team consists of children from KS1 and KS2 who all bring their own strengths and personalities to help run the school.

“I like being a reading ambassador because I love reading and I can tell other children about different books.”

Reading Ambassadors

At Weelsby, each class has a selected reading ambassador who shares their love of reading and books with their fellow pupils. They have their very own briefcase, which is full of books, and they take this onto the playground at breaks and lunchtimes. Reading ambassadors ensure that their class book corner is kept tidy and contains a range of wonderful books. As part of their role, the reading ambassadors also read to a group of children everyday.  

Our Reading Ambassadors are:

Year 1 – Paislee, Ryan

Year 2 – Taylor-Maii, Lenny

Year 3 – Nicoleta, Bobby

Year 4/5 – Crystal, Lola-Lou, Asha-Nai, Rhys, Ella, Blake

Year 6 – Maddison, Riley, Rebecca-Jayne

School Council

Every child in Y1 – Y6 has the opportunity to be a school councillor. Any child who is interested prepares a speech (this can be a traditional speech, rap or song) and presents this to their class. The class vote for their representative and all chosen children attend regular meetings.

Our school council encourages our children to:

Our School Council  gives pupils the experience of:

Our School Councillors are:

Year 1 – Phoenix and Hayley-Grace

Year 2 – Sofia-Darcy and Poppy (Deputy – Max)

Year 3 – Teddy and Kaiden (Deputy – Naomi and Ashley)

Y4/5 – Mary-Jane, Rivah, Darcie (Deputy Edynn, Lola and Tia)

Y6 – Mia and Tia (Deputy – Clayton)


At Weelsby Academy we believe we all have a part to play in saving the planet. Our Eco-Warriors are elected by their peers and are responsible for making sure we are energy efficient and reduce waste.

Our Eco-Warriors this year are:

Year 1 – Aurora-Rose, Isobel

Year 2 – Devynn, Nectaria

Year 3 – Leon, Nico

Year 4/5 – Larisa, Ryan, Ella, Mia-Rose

Year 6 – Carol-Ann, Adele, Darcie

The Friendship Squad

The Friendship Squad are children who have the responsibility of making sure all children have someone to play with. They support anyone who is feeling sad or lonely and help to sort out disputes between friends.

Our Friendship Squad are:

Amelia, Kai, Jessica, Charlie, Harley-Jaii, Jamie, Holly, Ella, Ethan, Lilly-Anne, Paighton, Preah, Kian, Luke, Lilly-May, Olivia, Oliwia, Naveah, Luiza, Adrian, Tayah

NSPCC Ambassadors

We have a team of children who are working with the NSPCC and will also be part of the interview process.

Our NSPCC Ambassadors are:

Harrison, Lily-May, Ella-Rose, Bradley , Ryan, Larisa


Our Y6 children apply for the role of prefect and they are given different roles to carry out in school. They support in the dining hall at lunch, monitor the corridor and toilets during break times and take responsibility for making sure the reward shop is fully stocked and tide.

Our prefects are:

Luiza, Maddie, Tia-Maii, Carol-Ann, Miley, Neveah, Jonathan, William, Callum, Keysha, Vasilica, Mia, Rebecca-Jayne, Darcie, Tayah, Konnor, Eliza, Abbie, Jay, Lily, Khailum.