About Us

Welcome to Weelsby Academy

Weelsby Academy is in the heart of the community of the East Marsh area of Grimsby where dockers and fisherman used to live. We believe that when staff, parents and children work together all children, irrespective of their background, can succeed and achieve their ambitions. We work together to provide a happy, caring, safe and stimulating environment where learning is engaging and everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential. We aim to broaden children’s minds and raise their aspirations. We foster a ‘can do’ approach, and with everyone working together, we strive to make our school the best and the children the best they can be.

Our Academy

Within the academy, we strive to ensure that children are happy in school and that it is a safe, caring and secure place to be. We ensure that keeping our children safe is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our children experience a well sequenced and progressive curriculum that builds upon previous learning. We believe that our curriculum helps our children to be prepared for the demands of the modern world, both in our local community and the global community.

We want to make our children’s time at Weelsby as exciting and as memorable as possible for them. Opportunities for first-hand experiences are given whenever possible and the curriculum is enriched to enhance learning. A range of high quality resources are provided to both stimulate thought and help encourage enquiring minds.

Every child, no matter their personal context, has the ability to succeed, and it is our duty to make sure that we unlock this potential. We ensure that all children equally access the curriculum and the other opportunities that the academy offers.


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Take a tour around Weelsby’s Learning environment, where staff strive to create a calm space for all our pupils #welcometoweelsby #schoolenvironment

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Our Staff

The staff at Weelsby are dedicated, hardworking and committed to improving outcomes for all of our children. All staff feel valued and are encouraged to learn new skills by participating in professional development opportunities throughout their careers. Staff set high expectations and pupils grow to understand the importance of lifelong learning. We have an active AAB whose members are knowledgeable of the academy and are clear about their roles and responsibilities.

Key Stage 2 Music CPD – September 2021

We always support staff with all their career progression needs and taking their career to the next level! #welcometoweelsby #careerprogression

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Our Pupils

We believe that by attending Weelsby our children will have a happy, positive and worthwhile experience. Our children thrive, have high expectations and be the best that they can be.

All pupils understand, and are taught the importance of tolerance towards other people and in particular towards those people from different faiths, cultures and countries. Pupils are taught to value that we are all individuals and have different interests and abilities.

Good attendance is expected and this is celebrated and rewarded throughout the academy. Success, at all levels, in our academy is recognised and applauded.

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