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  • Y6 learn to play the Trumpet!

    20th September 2017

    Year Six have been busy this week learning how to play the trumpet. Everyone is really enjoying the experience and their playing is certainly improving. Soon, we will be able to play tunes!

  • Nature Sculptures

    16th June 2017

    Winnie the Witch class have been learning about land art and they have looked at sculptures by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. They used natural objects to make their own land art



  • Year 1 - Normanby Hall

    5th May 2017

    Key Stage 1 enjoyed a lovely day at Normanby Hall Country Park near Scunthorpe as part of their Enchanted Forests topic.  They learned a lot about wildlife in our ponds and lakes during a pond dipping activity.  They found pond skaters, tadpoles and damsel flies amongst other things.  A friendly fisherman also brought a perch for the children to look at which they found fascinating.  The day included a story telling activity in the forest where they used their imaginations to invent stories about fairies, t

  • Leeds Armouries

    2nd May 2017

    Year 3/4 had an amazing trip to The Leeds Armouries. Everyone was completely amazed by the age of some of the weapons. Some weapons were over 1000 years old. We all took part in a workshop and this meant trying on helmets, holding shields and swords. The most disgusting part of the trip was smelling scent boxes from Roman and Stone Age times. We smelt what homes would have smelt like and it was horrible! One of the most breathtaking exhibits was seeing a huge elephant with its full armour on. Nobody realis

  • NYC Diner Years 3/4

    4th April 2017
    These are the photos from the NYC Diner visit that years 3/4 went on.
    The topic is 'Road Trip USA' and the children drove past Humberside Airport (the beginning of the topic was Teacher in Role as a pilot) and then went on to experience American style food at a New York City diner in Doncaster.
    We had a lovely day, and learnt a lot of new information.



  • Nursery's Farm Visit

    3rd April 2017

    Nursery had a wonderful day visiting Hall Farm Park in South Kelsey.  We enjoyed experiencing all the sights, sounds and smells of the Farm.  After a very bumpy tractor ride, we were able to feed the cows some potatoes and even bottle fed  the new spring lambs.  We had a great time exploring both the indoor and outdoor play areas.  We searched for clues along the nature trail and found lots of animals along the way.  Finally, we were able to walk the goats and feed them some grass before the very sleepy bus

  • Year 2 Egg Decorating

    31st March 2017

    Parents and children from Year 2 enjoying decorating eggs.



  • Football Match

    31st March 2017

    On Friday the 31st of March Weelsby & Macaulay Academy had a football game against each other. There were 4 teams - 2 for Macaulay and 2 for Weelsby - with 7 players each. Macaulay brought some really good players, but we enjoyed playing against them. The best part was when Jack scored a volley into the top corner. Everybody had a good time and the matches were played in a fair and sporting spirit.

    Dane- Year 6 (David Walliams Class)

  • Eureka Museum Year 5/6

    28th March 2017

    Y5/6 recently visited Eureka The Children's Museum in Halifax.  We found out more about ourselves, our identities and our bodies.  We also learned more about plants and animals from all over the world, and about their habitats and adaptations. 

  • Year 5/6 CSI Workshop

    27th March 2017

    Y5/6 children had a CSI workshop last week.  They learned all about how the police use different aspects of forensic science to solve crimes.  They had the opportunity to take DNA swabs from each other and take their own fingerprints.  Finally, they had to investigate a “crime scene”, look at all the clues carefully and come up with a hypothesis about what might have happened. 


  • CSI day

    24th March 2017

    On Friday 24th March Simon Smith came in to show us some information about CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). We did lots of fun things like finding our own finger prints and our own DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). At the end of the day we had a big investigation, with a murder. It was a little “girl” with lots of blood in different places - she was badly hurt. We investigated the room looking for footprints, fingerprints and DNA. The most fun bit was where we got a cotton bud and scraped it across the blood. We

  • Year 3/4 are star Rappers!

    22nd March 2017

    Pupils had a fantastic day at Nunsthorpe Academy with Donavan Christopher, aka Rappaman.

    The children worked hard on creating a rap about respect at Weelsby Academy. 

  • Year 2 Pirate Day

    13th March 2017

    The Year 2 children enjoyed walking the plank, searching for mermaids and singing shanti songs, plus enjoying the stories told by Captain Raggy Beard during our pirate day!

  • World Book Day

    2nd March 2017

    Y6 pupils celebrated World Book Day at Weelsby Academy.

  • Nursery are busy!

    2nd March 2017

    Nursery children are very busy doing lots of exciting things. 

    They enjoying World Book Day and Pancake Day and the children helped make the pancakes too. 

    Our topic is Are Eggs Alive?  We received 12 eggs from the farm and all of them have hatched.  The children are helping to look after them until they go back to the Farm. 

    We are also going to visit the farm at the end of March and learning all about baby animals and farm sights, sounds and smells.

  • Winnie the Witch Class

    10th February 2017

    Pupils enjoyed a teddy bears picnic to celebrate 100% attendance.

  • Y2 Team Building with Lego

    3rd February 2017

    Pupils worked together to create their very own miniature Grimsby, complete with windmills and the Dock Tower.



  • Storytelling Laurate, Taffy Thomas!

    25th January 2017

    Year 3 and Year 4 have been working on writing stories based on ‘The Clever Wish’ by storytelling Laurate, Taffy Thomas.

    Excitingly, the teachers asked the story teller to come into school and share some more of his exciting stories.  Taffy lives in the Lake District but was happy to make the long journey when he heard about how much the children loved ‘The Clever Wish’.

    The children were amazed by his story telling coat which had been designed by an artist and took two years to make. The story telling coat

  • Year 1

    23rd January 2017

    Look at our fabulous year 1 pupils who visited the Superhero Academy!

  • Y5 making hixotropic substances!

    23rd January 2017

    Y5 children made their own “cornflour slime” (Thixotropic substance to give it its correct scientific term) from cornflour and water.  It formed a crumbly solid at first, but when they added more drops of water and applied some pressure, it “magically” turned into liquid!