Staff List

weelsby4.jpgWho’s Who at Weelsby Academy?

Executive Principal: Mrs J Saunders

Associate Executive Principal: Mrs C Walker

Vice Principal and SENCO: Mrs McCall

School Office

Mrs S Raines, Mrs C Bridson, Miss Rebekah Myers (Apprentice) 

School Business Manager 

Mrs K Andersen 

Foundation Stage


Mrs L Thomas: Nursery Teacher

Mrs M Wilde Nursery Nurse

Early Years Practitioners: Mrs J Weatherill and Mrs S Preston

Support Assistant:  Miss C Lait 


Director of Learning: Mrs E Allen, Lead Learner Foundation Stage

Mrs L Johnson: Teacher

Early Years Practitioners: Miss C Islip

Support Assistant: Miss Baxter

 Key Stage 1

Mrs J Baker: Year 2 teacher

Miss C Fisher/Miss K Armitage: Year 1 teacher

Miss A Rimmer: Year 1 teacher

Mrs S Flynn/Miss L Henry: Year 2 teacher

Support Assistants: Mrs L Allen, Miss E Devonport, Mrs M Hullet and Mrs P Stephenson 

Key Stage 2

Director of Learning: Miss K Lane, Year 3/4 Teacher and Mr Lewis

Mrs L McCall: Year 3/4 teacher

Mrs M Blease/: Year 3/4 teacher

Support Assistants: Mrs G Nuttall, Mrs J Swales, Mrs T Leaning, Miss E Devonport, Ms L Hanley, Mrs Emslie and Ms J Charlton

Director of Learning: Mr M Franklin, Year 5/6 Teacher and Ms Abe

Miss E Etty: Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs S Graham: Year 5/6 Teacher

Support Assistants:  Mrs L Kavanagh, Mrs D Willet, Miss K Naylor and Mrs N Jakins 


Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Draper, Mrs C Lightfoot and Mrs A Airey

Head of Pastoral Care: Mrs D Maudson

Attendance and Behaviour Support Officer: Mr D Forrester

Learning Mentor: Mrs T Waller 

Lunchtime Supervisors and Catering Staff

Mrs D Willett. Mrs J Swales, Mrs T Donson, Mrs C Sheppard, Miss N Pitts, Mrs L Wraith, Mrs M Thomas, Miss L Hanley, Mrs T Wiltshire, Mrs M Aslin and Mrs R Connelly.

Premises Staff

Caretaker: Mr E Woollock

Mrs T Donson, Mrs L Childs, Mrs J Johnson, Mrs C Green.