What Are We Learning This Term 

 Welcome to the EYFS 




 Summer Term  2018


Butterflies: Miss Baxter, Mrs Hullett and Mrs Weatherill

Ladybirds: Mrs Wilks , Miss Islip and Mrs Weatherill  


What are we learning about?

In Reception this term our topic is ‘Will you Read me a Story?’ We will be learning about traditional stories and reading Jack and the Beanstalk and others such as Cinderella and Snow White.


This will help us to understand different types of stories and how they have become stories that almost everyone knows and can retell.  


Within this topic we will be learning about different traditional tales and they will link into our end of term wedding celebration linked to the ‘Royal Wedding’ of Prince Harry and Meghan, which will be another parent event for the children to share and enjoy with you all. The children and staff have really enjoyed the opportunity to welcome parents into school this year and we really appreciate your support with such events.   


In Literacy we are continuing the Read, write, Inc. programme. During RWI children are split into groups according to half termly assessments. They will do work on based upon these assessments. The children will work on either learning sounds, segmenting and blending CVC words, some of the children will start to use ditties to write sentences or have red or green books to work in focused on sounds, reading and writing according to their ability.  We will also encourage all children to write their own stories during independent time as well as focused writing groups. This will be aided by reading a variety of stories to help improve our vocabulary and this will enhance our speech and language skills, we do this during reading response time as well as during continuous provision (play). In a morning we will continue to learn to write our last names or learn to write CVC words. The children also have milk in the mornings now and listen to stories to help ease them into the school day.


In Mathematics we are going to be focusing on reciting, counting and recognising numbers to 20 and beyond for some children, measuring, time, doubling, halving,  adding and take away quantities. These are linked to our topic and traditional tales Jack and the Bean Stalk and Cinderella.  Please remember to use Mathletics to help with them at home, as children can will get certificates if they get 1,000 points.


Reading Books and Library

When the children are blending they will be given a reading book to take home, please make sure you read at least three times a week. The children can also choose books from our school Library, which they can share with you at home. Please fill in the book sharing book, so we know you have read to them and then we can change the books on a Friday in the school Library.


Useful Websites 


If you have any concerns or would like to speak to a member of staff about anything please see the member of staff on the door and they will pass on to the class teacher. We are here to help in whatever way we can and help the children be the best they can be!  


Thank you and kind regards,

The Butterflies and Ladybirds Team