Our School Council


Every child at Weelsby Academy is a part of our School Council as we believe that every child is important and every child has a voice.


The School Council appoints a representative from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 to be on the School Council Communications Team. The children have to formally apply for this position and be voted in by their class. 


Every week there is a School Council Communications Team meeting followed by a Class Council meeting.

The Communications Team discuss the priorities for improvement with their class during the Class Council meeting and give every child a voice. Their voice is then fed back and actions put into place in the following School Council Communications Team meeting.

Our recent project has been around improving behaviour in school. The children have said that they would like more rewards and the school shop needs to offer more quality items. The Communications Team have found out exactly what the children in their class would like to save for and those items have been ordered. There is a new points system in place so that the children can collect points for good behaviour and spend their points in the shop.

We are currently writing a child friendly safeguarding policy for the school so that all children know how to keep themselves and each other safe.

Future projects include improving the outdoor area and fundraising for the school.

Meet the School Council Communications Team

Year 1 Gruffalo Class – Declin

Year 1 Dr Seuss Class – Tayah

Year 2 Winnie the Witch Class – Ben and Alexis

Year 2 BFG Class – Lola

Year 3/4 Gangsta Granny Class – Thomas

Year 3/4 Willy Wonka Class – Jessica

Year 3/4 Matilda Class – Kloe

Year 5/6 David Walliams – Jordan

Year 5/6 C.S.Lewis Class – Elena

Year 5/6 Hobbit Class – Rebecca